Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ban the Dribble and Have a Great Night

Everyone needs to vent now and then. But one of the dangers of venting our stressors is that doing so causes a reaction in our bodies, particularly, it triggers the sympathetic nervous systtem. Sympathetic sounds nice, but what it really involves is the fight or flight response. Our blood pressure might rise, we can feel a rise in our heartbeat, a flush, etc.

The problem? This is not a good place to stay for very long. The longer we stay in that place, the longer we stay in that heightened state physically. Over time, this can be a source of stress on our bodies and minds. Stress has been linked with compromising our immunity. (Our body is trying to recover from the fight or flight, rather than fighting other battles that might be going on.)

Soooooo, talk about dribble! Consider addressing your desire to vent about your day. A half hour after work is long enough to process the bad. After that, STOP the dribble and let go. Instead, focus on things that bring you happiness like spending time with family or going on a walk. Decide to give your body ample time to recover from the stessors of the day!


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