Monday, June 20, 2011

3 Quick Tips for a Hot Bathroom

Everyone loves a bathroom that looks fabulous, but how easy it is to have the mishappen mess of mismatched towels and dirty counters and dead-end toilet paper rolls.

Here's some quick and easy ways to get your bathroom looking hot.

1. Use one color of towels. I have long been using WHITE towels only. I can replace them all the time and the different textures all work together because the color is uniform. Also, everything can be bleached. Halleluiah.

2. The daily swipe. Keep some windex on hand and wipe mirrors, counters and toilet daily. Toothpaste goo is NOT hot! I swipe a day will keep the gunk away.

3. Say goodbye to tub disasters wit the world's greatest shower caddy. I have used every type of caddy around. I mean, even the old fashioned ones that hang on the side of the tub. Note, imagine the clatter of one of those on a porcelin tub when you accidently bump into it. Instead, I finally found my dream shower caddy. The pole caddy. It nestles ceiling to tub with a tension rod. And has numerous shelves. So much better than the one that hooks on the shower head. Whenever I think of those, I picture the constant knocking over of various shampoos. Yuck. The caddy, on the other hand, is just enough out of the way to not be collection of items just waiting to be knocked over. You can buy gorgeous stainless ones for a good hundred plus or minus. But to be honest, I stick with the wal-mart plastic version. Its sturdy, easier to clean than stainless and about twenty bucks. Oh, and if my kids can keep everything on the shelves, then you know its a gem.

Try any of these tips for simply improving your bathroom from fair to fabulous.

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