Thursday, April 7, 2011

Change it Up

I actually sat and debated about changing this page of my site, with a certain amount of fear of the change and worry about getting it all back if I didn't like it. But I took the plunge and dove in.

Without change, we do tend to wither. Change gets us excited and yes, anxious, but in the immortal words of Bruce Barton, "When you are through changing, you are through."

What challenges are you going to give yourself today? What changes will you make?

Here is a simple way to make change a part of your every day.

Each day, practice doing ONE THING DIFFERENT. Maybe you stop ordering the "regular," or decide to apologize instead of fighting to the death with your husband, or even try stopping on your way home from work for a fun detour you normally wouldn't consider.

The key? One thing different, one time a day. Because, lets face it, none of us are through, are we?

Have a good week and remember to make the moment happen.



  1. Hello Maria,

    it's my first time reading your blog, i just read the first post and had to comment...i like the idea of change, it's a risk but most of the time it's worth it, because when we personally choose to change something it means we're not happy with the actual thing we have, so the results of the change whether will be the same, so we won't feel we lost anything, or, the most probably, it'll be a change for the better, and we'll be happy we took that risk and that we were brave enough to take that step...

    I didn't take my first step yet towards change, but i'm always thinking about it...i'll take it at the end of this year, i have to choose between 2 things, one of them depends, well on luck, or what's my destiny is holding for me, and the other thing is reachable to my hands, so without a lot of details to not waste your time, i'll live abroad for at least a year, and maybe more...i'll be independent, start a new life...

    Thanks for your post,
    best regards & best wishes

  2. Nancy

    Thanks for writing in. Change is so exciting and terrifying. I have never lived abroad before, but have lived in many places in the US. Although moving can be stressful, there is something so exciting about the newness of it all, the idea that you can rewrite your life....

    Don't know where you are headed, but prepping for it is all part of the joy of going. So, have fun while you are planning your new future...

    Keep me posted!