Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Simplicity Values - Cards Sent Simply

Sending cards to loved ones to acknowledge their accomplishments and painful experiences is a time honored tradition that makes us all feel stronger and more connected with each other. Sending cards and notes is a simple, kind and inexpensive way to send our support and love to the people in our lives. Here are some simple tools to help you get there.

Do you fall into the trap of thinking, “a card is not enough?”

This is pretty common and a tricky little thought. What it often leads to is DOING NOTHING! So, to do battle with that, tell yourself you are starting with a card. “I’ll send a card right away. I can always do more later.” Simple and it will pull you right out of the doing nothing trap.

Are you a train wreck?

Is your life full of chaos to the degree that these simple gestures get lost? You are not alone!! Try this. Work on breaking it down. “I will just send this one note, do this one thank you, stop at the store for this one card.” Break it down and start small. In time, build it as a discipline and it will feel like nothing at all.

Systems Failure
Where are the supplies? Where is Aunt Mabel’s address? Does someone have a stamp? With systems failure, the plan is simple. Have blank cards, address book and stamps all together. This will take you 15 minutes at most. Keep them together in your appointment book, at your desk, in your kitchen, in a zip lock bag in your car (that is a good one.) You can also purchase a cheap book of quotes for all occasions and keep it together with the other supplies. You won’t have to worry about finding the “right” card because you can add your own quotes.

Try these easy tools and enjoy how you feel when you keep card sending simple.

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