Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Simplicity Values - Get rid of unwanted gifts without the guilt

5 Ways to get rid of unwanted gifts without the guilt

Gifts are great. Well, usually. We have all been the recipient of those odd, useless, aggravating, even thoughtless gifts from people we love. The problem? For some reason, it seems just too hard to let them go. Here are some easy tricks to get you more closet space and save yourself the guilt.

1. Practice makes perfect. The more you make a practice of letting go of unwanted gifts, the easier it will get. Always remember that.

2. Return. There is nothing wrong with returns. Do it quickly. Most stores have limits on returns. Turn off your guilt and do it.

3. Re-gift. Re-gifting is a great, environmentally friendly tool. Here are some handy rules.

a. Re-gift as soon as possible. (Do you want to re-gift that item 2 years later and when your giftee opens it up finds it all crusty and old?)

b. Re-gift outside of circles. Make sure there is enough separation from the original gift giver and your recipient.

c. Label the gift with who it was from and when you got it. Your memory is never as good as you think it is.

4. Sell it. Hey, most of us have gotten pretty good at using eBay. Nothing wrong with using them to sell unwanted gifts. That helps everyone out.

5. Donate. Donate it to your favorite charity. Why not do something nice for someone else?

Try these tools and watch your closet space expand and your shoulders feel a little less weighted down.

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