Monday, September 5, 2011

Free Chore Charts and How to Use Them!

I am not going to lie. I hate . What I dislike about them most, besides the fact that they are boring, is that they are repetitive, unchanging. But if you want to , getting chores under control is half the battle. You clean that bathroom and before you know it, the kids have woken up from their Saturday slumber, and you have to clean it again. Well, you know what I mean. Endless.

Plus, if you are the primary chore person in the house, I am sure you are familiar with people not appreciating all you do!

Well, I have finally found a solution that works for me. Chores by Day. It’s simple, really.

True confession here. Even though I have tried an overall standard chore sheet, what works best for me and my family is “chores by room.” This is how it works.

Print out one of each of the sheets in the attached download for every room in the house.

Check off which day you want each chore to be done.

Post it in an inconspicuous (okay, for the kids, conspicuous) place.
When you are in that room, do the chore for the day. Everything is broken up so small; it is easy to take care of what you want to do. Each chore takes only minutes.

This is a great tool for families that struggle with routine. I personally might not want to clean the tub each week. This leaves the door open to delegate, as in asking a family member to do what is on the list for that particular room on that particular day.

In our house, we need more flexibility than standard chore sheets. Some days I can get to more than others. Some days other family members need to pick up more of the schedule.

It might seem strange to post these around the house, but I tuck them away in hidden spots in each room and the work gets done – without a lot of stress or anxiety for anyone.

 These charts contain sample chores and the file is not locked so you can edit it to fit your needs.

Click here for Chores by Room download.


  1. Maria -These chore charts are great! I love doing a little bit at a time. Can't wait to get started and I can get the kids doing chores easily with these charts!


  2. Thanks Judy! One step at a time is what works for me, too!