Thursday, August 25, 2011

2012 Simply Put Together Enrichment Planner is IN!

Finally, you can get organized AND the enrichment you seek – in one place!

Here are some of the benefits of SPT planners!

• Get organized with weekly and monthly planners, complete with a.m. and p.m. checklists to keep you on track.

• If you have kids in tow, you can use the weekly planner to organize up to 4 people’s schedules.

• How about your daily routine? The Daily Organizer can manage that from your contact lists, to your daily chores at home, so YOU don’t have to think about it!

• Tired of letting goals go to the wayside? The 4 Step Goal Tender will keep things on track and keep your goals at your fingertips!

• And yes, there is a phone book so you always have those numbers, addresses and email contacts at the ready.

• Want your projects to run smoothly? The projects section keeps them just a page turn away.

• Need a little something extra? The newest section in the book offers some extra space for journaling or more goals or that “monster list” that always haunts us.

• And now for some enrichment. Need more organization? Ways to slow down? Strategies to fight fair with your spouse? Turn the page to the tips and tools section, now organized by topic. Need an organizational tool? Go to the “manage your life” section. Need a tool to take care of you? Try “practice wellness.”

• Don’t forget the mini-journal to keep track of your growth with the 7 Steps to Simplicity.

• Do you like inspiration? Motivational quotes to keep you excited, thinking and motivated are woven through the planner.

Why wait? 2012 is almost here. Click here to learn more and purchase today.

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