Monday, November 8, 2010

How Angry Are You? 4 Tools to Help Manage Anger

Do you even know when you are getting angry? Or do you find yourself snapping at someone, yelling in traffic, fuming, clenching your fists, clenching your teeth, well, clenching in general is a good indicator.

If this happens to you, here are some straight forward and simple tips to help you out.

1. Take a deep breath. Then take another. And a third. Don't laugh, just allowing the oxygen to enter your body slowly and fully will help. (We often don't even breath in all the way when we are angry). In fact, research has found that deep breathing can trigger our parasympathetic nervous system, causing us to move into a "rest" mode and reducing chemicals like adrenaline.

2. Talk your self DOWN from the ledge, not OVER it. You know what I mean, stop festering your anger with your dialogue to others or yourself.

3. Teach yourself to be more aware. Be aware of the warning signs in your body. There are many and they are unique for all of us. You may feel flushed, a racing heart beat, a knot in your stomach. That is your body communicating to you. You may have emotional symptoms, too. Like snapping a others for feeling anxious. Listen. Know your signs and be cognizant.

4. Finally,learn and practice assertiveness skills. It is important to be able to get our needs met. Otherwise, our anger gets bottled up and we feel miserable. Check out some of the articles on this site to help you out and get rid of that anger!


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