Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What's Your Language?

We all have our own language. Our particular brand of humor. Books we love. Politics we like to discuss. Hobbies. You name it. They are the brand that defines us. And each of us is unique. That said, each of us also has a circle of people that speak our language. I have people I can talk politics with and others I can talk movies with and still others I can laugh with endlessly without speaking more than two words. They are the people that understand me, that speak my "language." All too often, we can forget the importance of connecting with these people every day. They strengthen us and help us feel like we belong. So, consider this week, making the effort every day to meet up with, in person, by phone or email or text, some of the people who speak your language and watch how such a simple act can fulfill your day.

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