Sunday, May 23, 2010

Simplicity Values - Smart moves to save you dough and calories

I love to save money. And here are some classics that anyone can use to keep their wallet a little heavier and their scale a little lighter.

1. Always grocery shop after you have eaten and preferably at the beginning of your day. You will be more fresh and less likely to buy impulsively.

2. Chow down before you head to the show. I took my daughter to the movies last week. We had early dinner and made the last matinee(saving big dough). Because we stuffed ourselves with all kinds of barbecue treats, we couldn't even look at the popcorn counter. I figure I saved $20 by avoiding overpriced soda and $10 nachos.

3. Coupon Double Take. Use coupons with BOGO deals. If you have $1.00 off cereal, and a BOGO at the grocer, you can use two $1.00 coupons. You can still coupon the "free" box of cereal. Save a ton of money and enjoy all the free stuff you will get!

Try any of these three money and calorie savers!

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