Thursday, December 17, 2009

How to Bring the Movie Elf into your Home

If you want to see a great , rent . In this movie, Will Farrell plays a human raised by elves. The message? Loving life, the importance of spending time with those you love and the value in believing in goodness. How great is that?

We have watched that probably a hundred times. The kids are obsessed and I never seem to tire of it. One of the things Farrell’s character does is create elaborate decorations out of simple materials. He takes white paper and makes tons of paper snowflakes and white paper chains and fills rooms with them. Remember those paper chains from your childhood?

Well, the kids and I were watching that movie - again - and I thought, maybe WE could like Elf. So, we watched the movie and stapled and cut and taped. And I have to tell you. The living and dining rooms have never looked so festive. We have snowflakes hanging over doorways and white paper chains draped all around. I know, I know. Probably not so great to use so much paper. But it really wasn’t that much. A few sheets of copy paper makes a really long chain.

So, who would have thought? Something so , so easy, so could be so fun to do and so beautiful to look at. I think from now on this will be one of our simpler traditions. Watching Elf and putting together some paper decorations. Oh, and by the way, we also packed up some of those snowflakes and sent them to family in their gift packages. I think grandparents will love getting some Florida snowflakes, don’t you?

Happy Holidays. Keep it simple and full of love.

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