Thursday, November 5, 2009

Size Matters and other Insights into Planning your New Year

Getting a for the New Year is always an exciting time for me. A new planner represents the opportunity to be a new you. But how many of us wait,
and avoid until we are scrambling last minute looking to find an we can squeeze those appointments for January into before we lose the scraps of paper they are jotted on?

This year can be different. Here are some quick tools you can use to get the planner that suits you to a tee.

Size Matters
Yes, size does matter. Don't buy the tiny cute planner with no space to work in if you need a large version. Don't buy the ginormous organizer that looks like the mysteries of the universe could be solved inside if you need something small that can fit in your bag. Size matters because you need to know what size you need.

How tactile are you?
Do you need a paper version? I am visual and need it all laid out for me. Electronic does not fit me. But could it fit you? Take a look at how your mind works and figure out the best planner venue to use. Electronic could be for you! No need to be afraid to try new! A test? If you are visual and need it all laid out at once, paper could be your man. Do you lose notes all the time and think putting it into an electronic planner could reduce your lost notes? Give it a go!

Last Minute Larry
Don't be last minute Larry. Give yourself some consideration. This is going to be the cornerstone of your organizing life for a whole year. Give it it's due and spend some time thinking about what worked and didn't work this past year, so you can get what you want and need this year!

Good luck searching. Give it some thought and feel free to send any questions my way!

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