Thursday, September 24, 2009

and Have a Hassle Free Morning with the PM Prep

Picture this: It is Monday morning. You oversleep. You are trying to get everything moving. There’s a stain on your shirt, the kids are fighting, and you can’t find your keys. You remember as you pull out of the driveway that you needed to drop off the dry cleaning this morning, but you are already 10 minutes late, so you get that nasty sinking feeling in your gut and tell yourself you are just going to have to “make do” without those clothes for your meeting tomorrow.

Hey, let’s face it. Most of us have been there. And it ain’t pretty. But there is a simple organization tip that can save you every morning. The PM Prep. There is nothing worse than starting off your day chasing your tail. I know. I have had enough days doing just that. Instead, when I practice the PM Prep, everything seems to go better. This is not really about time spent, it’s more about intention.

The PM Prep is for the next day with intention. Simple really. I know we are tired by the time the end of the day rolls around, but a few minutes of intention will make your morning run so smoothly.

Try these simple PM Prep strategies.

1. Check your planner and look at your for the next day.

2. Make all lunches the night before.

3. Lay out clothes for the next day. Don’t forget shoes and socks. It’s the little details that burn us.

4. Prep all bags, briefcases, book bags, etc.

5. Charge the cell phones.

6. If there are clothes in the wash, make sure they make it into the dryer.

7. Make sure you have all the documentation/files that you need. I.e., school picture forms, that file you need for work.

8. Errand prep. Take a minute to make sure you have anything you need for errands the next day and place it by the front door.

Consider printing out this list and keeping on your fridge. Practice the PM Prep and see how much smoother you morning goes. A good momentum in the morning can last all day long.

You can get tips like this every day. Check out my book, 365 Days to Simplicity.

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  1. I need to do this- Its so simple, but I forget a little organization goes a long way.