Thursday, July 23, 2009

Road Trips and Radio Therapy

Everyone gets stressed out from time to time, or for some of us, daily. Sometimes we need to hash it out to feel better, but sometimes we need to just let it go. Allow me an example.

I just got back from a road trip - with my mom - and the kids - to visit family. Sound like your classic nightmare? It should have been, but instead it was one of those trips waht was pure magic.

I guess part of the payoff was so many generations being together, whether it was playing flashlight tag or my kids doing their pseudo-rap rendition of The Sound of Music's "Do, a deer." Sound awful? Good guess. Imagine tone deaf and rhythm challenged children performing around wall-to-wall wheelchairs in an 80 degree room. But then you can imagine my grandparents faces lighting up at the simple joy of my kids, albeit spastically, jumping around like deer.

From my uncle taking me on a walking tour of the local college, (his life was spared many years ago when a donor gave him a new heart,) to sharing glances with my aunt and cousin as another generation raced around the lawn, it was a perfect trip.

Nice story, but what does that have to do with radio therapy, you might be asking. My daughter had a meltdown today. Big. Her brother didn't treat her fairly regarding the Flarp that went missing. Flarp is a type of playdough that makes gas noises. Really vile. My mom knows this is a greatly desired item for all kids and made sure all the little ones had their supply of Flarp for the reunion. When we got home, my daughter's Flarp was missing and as we got in the car to run errands together, she was MAD. I really didn't care about the missing Flarp(lets face it, one less jar of Flarp is a good thing) and she was in a bad mood. Really bad. Exhausted and coming down from her perfect trip. Who doesn't know that feeling, right?

She was determined to "talk about it," which would mean me listening to this exhausted and non-sensical kid go on and on about Flarp and whatever else she could pull from the recesses of her tired little mind. I insisted we needed to listen to music instead. She was mad. I kept pretend scooping all the angry out of her chest and tossing it out the window. Finally, she cracked a smile. Who wouldn't when, irony of all ironies, the song on the radio was "I can't get no satisfaction?"

Within a minute or so we were laughing and decided to stop and visit her friend. We had a great visit and my daughter wasn't even angry when I forgot my credit card and we couldn't pick up the movie we planned on getting. Mick Jagger saved the day.

My daughter reminded me that sometimes we just need to STOP our thoughts. God knows if we don't they will drive us or someone we care about nuts! If our thoughts aren't moving us in the direction of being in a better place, then try distraction, like turning on the radio. Listen to some good songs or some good talk and distract your way to happiness.

Have a great week and remember to make the moment happen!


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