Tuesday, July 28, 2009

JK Video Entrance and My Friend, Nancy

Every once in a while, you get a shot of life that shakes you up a bit. I have this friend, Nancy. She has survived a life threatening illness. So, she is one of those. Those people who grab onto life and decide it needs to be lived, it needs to be embraced, rocked and laughed at all at once. She is a great storyteller and comedian of sorts. She is always sharing a laugh, brightening our worlds and making us think.
So, this week, there was something from Nancy in my e-mail box. A YouTube video.
When I watched it, I couldn't’t help laughing and crying all at once. The video might offend some, and if it does, forgive me, but I saw, not only the hilarity of it, but the love, love of friends and family and love of life.
The video reminded me of what Nancy never preaches, but always lives.
Do what scares you.
Go ahead and make a fool of yourself.
Be there for the people you love.
Sometimes just break the rules, spoken and unspoken.
Beauty has many faces.
We regret missed opportunities to stand out on a limb far more than a breaking branch.
All things are possible with love.
Joy is putting yourself out there for the ones you love.

Watch the video here.

Have a laugh and get out there and live your life in this glorious world.

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