Sunday, October 2, 2011

Get Your Garbage Under Control - Get Rid of Clutter and Change Your Life!

Are you tired of being disorganized? Want less clutter and more control? Well, try handling garbage differently and you just might get that organization you seek.

Everyone’s got their garbage. It’s just a part of life. And, no, I am not being metaphorical. I am strictly speaking garbage. Gum wrappers and junk mail and used tissues. The stuff that belongs in the trash. Sounds simple, yet do you have trouble getting your garbage where it needs to go? If you answer yes to any of the following questions, then maybe you do have a garbage problem….

• Do you find yourself wandering around in circles holding various garbage items while in a state of confusion, looking for the nearest can?
• Are there qualifying garbage items right now on your desk, bedside table, kitchen counter?
• When you go to “toss” are you greeted by an overflowing monstrosity of the disposed?
• Does the inside of your car look like a shredder spit up in it?
If you said “no,” congrats, you are amazing! If you are in the “yes” category, then read on.

Garbage can be just as much of a clutter problem as all of our favorite collectables. Except, with the right tools, garbage is MUCH easier to say goodbye to. Here are some simple tips to help you improve your decluttering ways.

1. Make sure you have enough garbage cans. Seriously, I just added another one to my bedroom because I was wandering around all baffled with garbage in my hands. All I needed was a second garbage can, a small one. No more goofy circling.

2. The liner. I don’t care if it is recycled grocery bags or cute scented Ruffies. When you line the can you will never have to deal with the used fudge cycle stick glued to the side. Yuck.

3. Size matters. My daughter was having a problem with sprinkles of garbage in her room. She is very artistic and always taking a new photo, making a video or creating some piece of art. The result? Garbage from the leftover creations. My dollar store garbage can the size of a soup can was not doing the trick. Now she has one of those cool oversized ones in her favorite color. Lots of room. Less garbage everywhere. Simple.

4. Location, location, location. We used to keep the garbage can in the main bathroom under the sink. With kids, you can imagine what this led to. Under the sink began to resemble an animal’s den. Not the right location. Between the john and the sink? Perfect. Suddenly, everyone is a basketball star and my life just got easier. Take a look at location and see if you have it covered.

5. Car foibles. The car is its own beast and we all have our own ways to handle it. This is what works for me. I keep gallon sized zip lock bags under the driver’s seat. I put a little hole on the side of one and hang it around the gear shift. It really looks a lot better than it sounds. What’s great about this? It holds a lot. It never leaks. When you fill it up, zip it and toss. If you need extra, give the kids an empty bag in the back seat and let them fill up and zip. Done. Oh, and if you can, vacuum the car once a week for the little stuff. I dream of going once a week, but it’s usually once a month. All the little junk disappears. And in our case, the 3 pounds of sand we accumulate vanishes!

A few simple garbage tweaks and you will be on your way to a more decluttered life!

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