Thursday, July 2, 2009

Go No Maintenance

Well, I finally did it. I told my hairstylist I need a "wash and wear" cut. In summer, in Florida, I spend a lot of time in the water or in the heat. So, I am either sweating like an animal or floating around in salt water. Either way, you can imagine the charming look that creates for someone who has little time or interest in being married to her blow dryer and hair straightener.

So, I decided to take the plunge. I went in to Magna's thinking "Rosemary's Baby" or Winona Ryder's pixie cut. After talking to Jodi, my hairstylist, and seeing the slightest look of horror on her face, (Some people can't do the pixie cut. Let's put it this way, my head is about twice the size it would need to be for that cut.) I began to lose faith. But alas, Jodi has never steered me wrong. In fact, every time I go in to see her, I think the cut is the best cut I have ever had. Jodi had her plan and I put my faith in her.

Miraculously, she did it! Short, but not to the point of creating a zippy the pin head effect. And guess what! It really is wash and wear. I can comb it after the shower and that is it. Dries adorable. Why I didn't do this a hundred years ago is beyond me.

This no maintenance cut means my hair looks pretty good all the time and with no effort. Wow. So, of course, it got me to thinking, where else can I go "no maintenance?"

Here are a few that make sense.

Pay for a lawn service.

Buy things online.

Buy precut veggies and fruit.

Purchase clothes that are iron free.

Take your items out of the dryer and fold immediately.

What are your no maintenance strategies to keep your life simple?

Add them in the comments section here!


  1. Speaking of your new hair style and making it easier to maintain in this hot humid weather. I did the same thing with my hair. I have always been afraid to have it cut short because it usually meant more maintenance not less because after those night sweats and humid days it was everywhere. I had to curl it more and so on. Well, I took a chance and had it cut off with a stacked look in the back and a few layers. Everyone at work loved it and told me it made me look ten years younger! I should have done it sooner. No maintenance either. Wash,blow dry and it is done. If I want the curl it doesn't take five minutes. Thank you Chrissy @ Cindy's Nail and Hair Salon!!

    By the way, your hair looks great!