Saturday, February 21, 2009

Simplicity Values - 5 Ways to Burn Calories - Stress and Financially Free

Here are 5 simple ways to be active, burn calories without spending a dime.

1. Go for a walk. Make it speed walking and burn more. Check out nature as you go. See all the beauty you can.

2. Do some spring cleaning. You will get exercise and will feel great getting rid of some of those cobwebs.

3. Add steps in your day. Park your car farther away, take the stairs, change the TV channel without the remote. You name it. There are a million ways to add steps in your day. You will burn calories without even thinking about it. Why not?

4. Chase the child, dog, cat or occasional hamster. Got a pet, kid, niece, grandchild? Play with them for a bit. Chase them around, walk them, just play. You will be doing good for your body and your mind.

5. Try my 5 minute rule. Make a list of 5 minute exercises you can do at home. Lift weights. Jump rope. Run up the stairs. Sit ups. Leg lifts. Whatever. Put each item on a slip of paper and pick one out once or twice a day. Simple. And good for you.

Try these easy tools. Get your body moving without stress or cost! Enjoy!

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