Monday, December 1, 2008

Simplicity Values - Write it down!!!!

Here are the cold hard facts. We lose some of our memory faculties as we age. Nothing too terrifying. Just a fact of life. Our brains are changing and memory is impacted. I can remember a time when I could hear a phone number once and recite it 2 days later. Okay, that's overstating it, but you get the idea. Now, I can barely remember if I had a conversation about a phone number.

Here is a simple tool that will save you time, money and energy. Write everything down. And I don't mean "halfway," as in writing down a number with no name or information attached to it. Write it all the way. No matter what type of planner you use, even if it isn't mine, use it like a good friend. Keep all your notes in there, write down everything and you will have less error, less forgotten items, you name it, just from writing it down.

Have a great anything you use to keep your memory up and running? Share it in the comments section of this article!!!

Enjoy your week and remember to make the moment happen!


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