Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Simplicity Values - The Free Gift

This might sound totally cornball, but here is a great way to save money and create a fabulous gift. Many years ago, I worked with runaway teens. It was good work, hard work, rewarding work. It took it's toll on us. Watching the pain those kids went through was difficult on a good day.

My boss, a seasoned social worker, knew how hard it was. She had been doing it for years. Every Christmas, she wrote each of her employees a letter. She would read each of the letters to us, in front of the group. Each letter,personalized with our own strengths and passions, our victories that year. Each letter, a little love story to us, her fledgling social workers.

Sometimes, I am lucky enough to remember how much those letters used to mean. And I decide to give to others what she gave to all of us. The token gifts of coffee mugs and writing paper we got back then were a dime a dozen. But the words of our respected leader helped us understand parts of ourselves we didn't know, reminded us the power and beauty of the work we were all struggling to learn and stayed with us for years. In fact, I know I have those letters somewhere, tucked away in a special spot.

Consider writing a letter to your loved ones, or your protege's this holiday season. Write it, read it, frame it. See how much your words of insight will mean to those in your life.

And, LaWanda, where ever you are, thank you for your gifts.

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