Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Simplicity Values - Easy tricks to thrill the kids on New Year's

This is a great tool for your kids. During holidays, I bring the kids grocery shopping and I give them each a budget. Last week it was a measly $7 each. They each get to pick out treats for the week. Chips, candy, whatever. I buys the usual healthy stuff and leave the junk to them. Guess what happens? No, they don't buy fruit. But they walk through the store making decisions like, "If I get those pretzels, I can't get that candy. Those chips are half the price of the other ones." It's pretty funny to watch, when you give them the reigns.

And guess what else! The snacks last longer. There is more of a connection to the value of the treat and the kids don't try and eat everything in 24 hours. They self regulate. (Gasp). Interesting. Try it. Even for sleepovers, I give them a budget. Usually a horribly cheap budget, but they find a way to create a smorgasbord of junk with no work on my end and half the cost. This is a great one to try for New Year's Eve if your kids need a little entertaining. A movie from Red Box and ten bucks of treats of their own choosing.....and they will be set. Try it and see. Makes you wonder. What if we did the same for ourselves? What if we gave ourselves a "budget" for junk food or treats or silly things to do for ourselves? What would we do? Would we use our budget wisely for what we wanted? Would we appreciate what we chose more?

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Happy New Year!



  1. What a great idea! Longterm benefits for them too in developing their own budgeting skills and prioritizing needs and wants...

    Happy New Year!

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