Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Simplicity Values - Kitchen Organization and Christmas Gift all in one

We are a family of cooks. For those of you who have known me a long time, you can stop laughing now. We all know this is quite the evolution for me. But life is about change and growth and for anyone who has known me for a bit, they are grateful for my improved recipe repertoire and hoping for continued growth, I am sure. One of the things we like to do in our house is cook offs. Specifically, when my step-kids are in town, we always have a “shrimp off.” We get recipes online or make them up, get some fun ingredients and lots of shrimp. Did I mention the margaritas? Anyway, it is wonderful fun. But all those computer recipe printouts were getting to be a disaster, floating around without a home.

So, here is the tip. A simple three ring binder and a whole lot of sleeve protectors. As I print out recipes, I just slip them into a sleeve, if we write up a recipe,(that would be my creative step-son, not me) they can just as easily slip in, too. No grimy finger prints or creepy uncooked food on the pages. Everything wipes off. Easy to add or ditch to make the changes you want.

Super money saving tip. For the kids this year, we made them each their own book with all the recipes we have cooked together over the years. And my secret ingredient? Pages of quotes and memories of years gone by. Funny, touching, poignant memories. Typed and slipped in between all those recipes. Nice. Gifts don’t get much better than that. Okay, adding a gift certificate is cool, too. Anyway, this is a great gift for a new couple, college students, family members. Pepper those pages with memories and you will be sure to have a hit. Oh, and did I mention, you win, too? Think of all the fun you will have conjuring up all those great memories.

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