Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Simplicity Values - Hand Outs

For so many of us, it is easier to give than receive. We have the picture in our head of how we want it to go. Sometimes we refuse to ask for help. Maybe we don't want to put anyone out. Maybe we want it done a certain way. Maybe we think everyone is used to us doing everything. But what if, for this holiday, we decided to take, even, God forbid, ask, for hand outs? What if, we said yes when someone offered to bring something or help us out? What would it feel like to bend and allow or ask for help?

My birthday story. I celebrated a birthday recently. My parents got ice cream cake. Carvel. Heaven. I stayed completely out of the kitchen. No checking in or buzzing around looking to help. The cake got left out too long. It was a mess. There was only one thing to do. It was a small group. About 8 of us. We each got a fork and we passed that cake around like people do when they are sharing a desert at a restaurant. Next thing you know, everyone is laughing and making fun and wanting bigger bites. I do believe it was the best birthday cake I ever had. If I had done the usual, I would have made sure the cake was thawed just right. And it would have been good, just like all the others before it. But this cake was served with haste and laughter and silliness in a way that all of us will remember.

Consider accepting handouts this holiday. Look for the people you can accept and even ask handouts of and see what comes next!

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