Monday, November 10, 2008

Simplicity Values - Buy Back Up

Saving time, money and stress is easy if we practice it a bit each day!

This week, don't just look for the deals, stock up on them. If you see the items that you use and they are on sale, whether that be at the market, discount store, automotive supply store, buy back up!

When it is a product that you definitely use and won't expire before you get to it, invest the extra money now and you will save later. If you keep your eyes open for the staples you need to run your life, you will save time and money!

For instance, office supplies at beginning of the school year.
Certain baking and cooking supplies during the holidays.
General gifts right after the holidays.

Do you have something that works for you? Please share it! My comments page is open, no registration needed!


  1. I found a cute web site called There prices are great!!! They seem to be geared to women only. I like that. they have nice upscale products 75%off. It's been hard to make ends meet, so it makes me happy to find a non greedy site that gives a lot of bang for the buck.


  2. Jill-

    Thanks for this great resource for savings! Times are so tough right now and sharing your resources really helps. Thanks!