Monday, October 6, 2008

Simplicity Values - Weekly Wallet Check

Organization saves time and money. This weeks tip is an easy one. Commit to clean out your wallet or handbag every week. Make sure the bills are organized, the reciepts are filed somewhere important and the gum wrappers are gone. This takes about 5 minutes a week. Guaranteed, you won't lose that receipt, you will keep track of how much cash you have and won't be humiliated every time you pull out your wallet at the checkout counter.

Tip: I look for "wait times" to do this chore, like at a doctors office or waiting for one of my kids to finish an activity. Its easy and guaranteed to be a time and money saver!

Tip: Put it on the calendar. Assign it a time each week, either the same time every week or attached to one of those "wait times" we all experience regularly.

Have a great week!


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