Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Simplicity Values - Turn off the Tube

Okay, we have all heard it before, we watch too much TV. Really? Not me. I mean, just because I have seen every single HGTV show and episode multiple times, doesn't mean anything, right? Well, here is the reality, simplicity saves on many levels, but it does come with some sacrifice. There is nothing wrong with TV. I absolutely love it. But there is watching and there is passive trance-like watching. There is a big difference between putting on your favorite show and putting the TV on when you get home. Did you know that we use less energy watching TV than we do staring at a wall? Yipes! Hey, we save money when the TV is off, too. Electricity, for one, but more importantly, don't minimize the impact of advertising on our mindsets and wallets. Finally, TV should be like all our electronic advantages, used to our benefit. Consider taking charge of the TV, enjoy it when you want, but be active about turning it off when you are done. Decide how much you are letting TV in to your life. You will be more energized, more focused and may even save a few dollars....like when you "pass" on the latest and greatest invention, because you haven't seen the ad 25 times!

Have a great week and remember to make the moment happen!


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