Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Out Bag

Each week I will share a little blurb on an item that will help you save....time, money, stress.....simple stuff that works.

The Out Bag!

Keep a canvas bag by your entry. Fill it with anything that is headed out of the house. Library books, mail, things to return to friends. Whenever you head out the door, bring it along with you. As you are doing your regular errands, you will find it easy to "knock off" many of the items in your out bag, without much effort!

I use an oversized bag a friend once gave me. I love it, but would not use it as a handbag. The beautiful art on the bag inspires me and hides the miscellaneous items inside. But use whatever bag you choose. The canvas shopping bags you can buy at discount and grocery stores are great, usually about a buck and can be thrown in the washing machine!

Have a great week and remember to make the moment happen!


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