Tuesday, October 28, 2008

3 Easy Halloween Tricks to Save Time, Money and Aggravation

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3 Easy Halloween Tricks to Save Time, Money and Aggravation

C. Box

If you have kids, or if you don’t, keep a costume box. We have a giant one that we only take out for Halloween. It is full of kid and adult costumes. We have so many Halloween events; our kids like to wear different costumes depending on their mood and event. The box is like a magic box, full of anything we can dream up. It is great for creative play and accidental spills and last minute guests who need a costume.

Super tip. Wait for about a week or 10 days after Halloween and you can get costumes from places like Target for 90% off! These make wonderful Christmas gifts or ideas for the costume box next year. Just get the next size up! Along the same lines, you can pick up great decorations for next year as well. Hey, why not save 90%!

Drink well

Have fun! Buy those plastic spooky cups you can get at Walgreens and use them all month! About $5.00 could buy your family a whole lot of festivity! Make that $.50 if you buy it in advance.

Super tip. Put the new decorations in a gift bag and pop it in the Halloween box for next year. If your memory is anything like mine, I bet you will be surprised with the festive decorations one year later!

Candy Smart

The best trick for getting candy is just to keep a look out in your supermarket and your local pharmacy or discount store. Start watching about 2-3 weeks out. No big deal. Just look for the sale and always, always check the size of the bag! It might look good, but take 2 minutes and make sure the sale is a good one. This year, I got the really good candy, about 150 pieces for only $11.00; right in my supermarket while I was getting groceries. Considering I can easily pay $25 for the same amount, it wasn’t bad at all!

Super tip.
After you buy the candy, hide it, hide it, hide it. Hide it from yourself if you have to. I can tell you stories of how we went through all the Halloween candy long before the 31st. You know what I am talking about; the candy just sitting there, luring you into ripping the bag open. With our family if the bag is open, it is as good as gone. Hide the bag.

Have a great Halloween and remember to make the moment happen!

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