Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Political Unity: Where Left Meets Right

It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.

Winston Churchill

Ahh, politics. Here we are, closing in on November and things are heating up. This is a close race and, quite frankly, I could clear a room with my ramblings about the candidates. The latest name on the docket is little known Palin. All the republicans are saying, “She’s got more experience than Obama and Biden.” And then all the democrats are saying, “This is an insult to the Hilary voters.” Yipes. There’s so much spin, I can’t see straight. I must say, I am getting excited just thinking about it.

I mean, it was not so long ago that you had to stoke most of us with a poker to get some political conversation going. Of course, the stakes are higher now, with war and a funky economy. But, left or right, as things continue to heat up, I will say this.

We are all watching, talking, and, yes, arguing about this race. Record voters are out and about. All kinds of people are crossing party lines. This is good and this is America! How great is that?! I say, go for it! Debate away! Connect to what is happening in our country and what your decision could mean for your future. But remember…..

We might be right, we might be left. There is one thing we should all remember on and even before election night. We Americans are more alike than different. Sometimes we get caught up in those differences. But, much as I love a debate, the differences our liberals and conservatives tussle over are small in the big picture of our beautiful planet.

So, debate away and enjoy the excitement of this political race. But as you do, when you feel a pang of anger at your neighbor for bashing your candidate or a twinge of irritation when you are behind a rather annoying bumper sticker….consider this…..

All Americans share some values:

We believe in the inherent value of the individual. We believe our individual thoughts and actions, hopes and dreams, have their own value and place in society. Think of the issues that arose with China during the Olympics. Not all cultures value the individual.
We believe we all deserve to be equal. Democrats and republicans sometimes don’t agree on how to make that happen, but we agree on equality.

We believe in the power of the individual. We believe, here in America, that we can make the life we want to have. Some of us have more than others, more advantage, more education, but ultimately, anything is possible here.

We believe in reaching out. Yes, in different ways. But give an American a tragedy and, hands down, you will witness acts of heroism and kindness over all other.

So, I really can’t be quiet when it comes to politics and I am glad so many other American’s can’t either. But, if we can remember that we are far more alike than different, that our diversity of thought isn’t as much as it seems, we can actually sit in the same room together and enjoy this amazing ride we call democracy.

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