Thursday, May 29, 2008

6 Movies to Watch: Stretching Your Comfort Zone

We have all heard about “stretching” ourselves, in a million different ways. I mean, there is stretching our muscles, stretching our minds, stretching our dollars. It goes on forever. When we think about stretching, it’s really about making something go farther than it would otherwise. Whether it’s our bodies or our minds, stretching is a good thing.

But, what about our comfort zones? How often do we stretch those? How often do we say, “This is different, or strange or frightening, but I am going to do it anyway?” How often do we stretch ourselves to try things that are out of our routine, that alter the dance of our daily lives?

Comfort zones are about the safety and familiarity we feel when doing what we know, good or bad. That’s right, just because it’s a comfort zone doesn’t mean that it is healthy or good for you. It means, simply, that you are at ease with doing it. Take a look at your comfort zones. Are they good for you, destructive, fear based, just a habit?

So, here is my thought. What if you took a chance? Today. Tomorrow. Even the day after that. What if you decided you would try and break out of your zone. Once a day. Just a small thing. Something you could do, even though it puts a knot in your stomach. What would it feel like to stretch yourself? I think you know the answer to that. Terrifying, exciting, exhilarating. Wow.

Here are some light comedies that demonstrate the value of stretching ourselves out of our comfort zones. Have fun. Laugh. And remember, we can be anything we want to be. Just stretch a little.

Stretching Out Of The Neurotic Comfort Zone

French Kiss - Meg Ryan faces her fears (an endless list) searching for her delinquent fiancée all over France. Watch her tiny comfort zone expand like a balloon in this sweet romantic comedy. By the way, make note of Kevin Kline’s prefect French accent!

Along Came Polly – Ben Stiller is a perfect neurotic, who takes the chance to pursue someone completely out of his comfort zone in this silly, but sweet comedy with a very funny Jennifer Anniston.

Stretching Out Of Avoiding Intimacy Into A Loving Relationship

27 Dresses - This is a cute romantic comedy in which the main character focuses on everyone but herself, all to avoid intimacy. Then she begins to take steps to challenge herself and be open to the love she deserves.

10 Things I Hate About You – A sweet teen romantic comedy about love and becoming real. The issues of intimacy and vulnerability are relevant no matter what our age. It will be bittersweet for Heath Ledger fans. He is perfect in this.

Stretching Out Of Your Current Identity Into A New And Stronger You

Legally Blonde – Sweet and fun. This is a classic tale. Reese Witherspoon makes Elle Woods come alive as she gets her legal sea legs, just by stretching her vision of herself.

About A Boy – Hugh Grant at his best. Subtle, funny, poignant. A man living in an empty and isolated world inches his way into a life full of richness and meaning.

Have fun and remember to stretch yourself from time-to-time. You never know what exciting changes you can bring into your life!

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