Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Turn Your Day Around In 5 Minutes

Changing your life really can take only minutes at a time if you are willing to work on the changes consistently!

I think we can get bogged down with the lists of responsibilities we have to deal with each day. Lets face it, for a lot of us, we just want to duck and cover. How many times have you meandered around doing all the "little things" on your list, conveniently avoiding the most important or most difficult task on your list? I am raising my hand right now. Guilty as charged. I can be the queen of piddling around doing the inconsequential stuff while the urgent matters get postponed again and again.

It's human nature to want to avoid tasks we don't want to deal with.

Yet, there is a philosophy circling out there in the world. It's been around for some time. Writing about it is making me want to run and hide. But, alas, it's good stuff. So, I will share it.

Greg Reid sums it up rather nicely. "Do the hardest thing first and the rest will be easy."

This strategy is rather simple, yet still challenging to try. The idea is do the hardest thing on your "to do" list FIRST. Some of us are very good at doing this, but for many of us...well, we avoid those unpleasant tasks. What happens when we do the hard thing first anyway? I mean, what's the big deal, right?

Well, I can tell you a couple of things that happen when we DON'T do the hard thing first. For one, we often will have that thing pestering us in our heads. It stays with us throughout the day, kind of sets up residence and hangs over us. The other common thing that happens is that we don't even DO it! We keep pushing it further and further back on our schedule, until eventually, we do have a good enough excuse to put it off for the next day.

Here's the truth, some of us even have a whole list of "hardest" things that have piled up. Day after day of putting the hardest thing on the bottom of your "to do" list begins to add up.

So, my thought here is to try something new and do your "hardest" thing first and see what it feels like. There is the benefit of enjoying your day, sans ugly knot in your tummy. There is the benefit of having the task done. And there is a bigger benefit.

When you do the hardest thing first, you are standing up to your fears, your weaknesses and your vulnerabilities. When you face those things and "do it anyway," you change the whole pace and direction of your day. Your confidence, sense of completion and drive will be positively impacted. You will be setting a change in motion. By doing the "hardest" thing first, you are making one small change that points you in a direction to completely turn around each day!

Make the moment happen!



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