Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Work toward your passion!

Welcome to Simply Put!

I was thinking about women and strength this morning. Over the holiday weekend, I watched one of my favorite movies. It’s not exactly a blockbuster and not exactly what you want your little ones to watch. (There’s some sex and some alcohol and a little fighting). But there’s a lot I love about this movie. Blue Crush is about women surfers in Hawaii. Now, I love the ocean, but I am no athletic queen or risk taker when it comes to sharks and big waves and undertow. But this film always moves me. For one, the cinematography is gorgeous; the power of the ocean is awe inspiring. So, the backdrop is a great start.

This movie is about a young woman who is coming into her own, facing her fears and learning that she has the power and be whatever she wants. There is a subtle message here for women who tend to sacrifice their passions for others. The movie takes it a bit further and reminds us that we women sometimes sacrifice our goals for excuses. It sounds so fabulous and powerless and victim-ish when we give up our desires for a boy or someone else in our lives. But maybe, just maybe, we are accountable for our own passions and those people we are so busy sacrificing for are only our excuses, not reasons, for why we stop on our path.

Think about checking out this movie. Think about who you are and what makes you feel alive and excited about life. Think about how often you let that slip through your fingers. It’s easy to tell yourself that your goals are compromised by others. The challenge is knowing that your passions are worth working for and that it is your responsibility to be true to them. Consider watching Blue Crush, or a movie that reminds you the importance of your passions. This week, think about the decisions you make and the action you take regarding the things that matter the most to you.


  1. I love this movie too! Especially when the girls put the footballers in their place.

    Work toward your passion is great advice.

  2. I agree that Blue Crush is a great movie about girl strength and finding power inside yourself to conquer your fears and prove to anyone, but mainly yourself that you are in control of your own destiny. I think it is far too easy for women to make excuses or fall into the comfort zone, rather than challenge themselves and follow their true passions (whether it's as small as a hobby that makes you happy or as big as a career).

    Great movie choice! It makes me want to go and watch it right now.